Introduction program into the world of Scuba Diving for Non-Swimmers and Beginners.

Lets you experience the underwater world under the protective arm of experienced dive professionals. 


20 min dive: Rs. 4500/-

40 min dive: Rs. 5500/-

60 min dive: Rs. 6500/-

*Discounts available for groups of 4 or more

Swimming skills not required

An experienced and certified diver is always with you and will be completely responsible for your safety and experience

Maximum depth: 9mts/30 feet

Training time: 30-40 minutes (approximately) which involves imparting basic skills to beathe, communicate and adjust yourselves while underwater

Place of activity: Mangamaripeta/Rushikonda

The entire process takes around 3-4 hours which includes underwater dive time.

Who CANT dive


Individuals with medical conditions like: Asthma, High BP, Heart problems, recent major surgeries etc. are not allowed to dive for their own safety.

Reach out to our team to know more

Note: After scuba diving, one should not take a flight for 24 hours for safety reasons. So plan your trip accordingly!