A simpleton boy from Kerala faced a tough childhood where he had to work to earn money even for basic necessities in life. Right after class XII, he released that the college wasn’t the right place for him. He let the real world be his teacher and he ventured into many things to keep earning.

From doing labor work at various industries to driving tankers, he never said no to any job. He moved to many parts of the country and learnt basic spoken language of that place. Eventually he became a yoga instructor and massage therapist and worked in hotel industry with many big groups of hotels. He met his friend, mentor and guide Marc from France who stayed with this boy like a rock through all his tough times.

During one such stint with the hotel industry he met a couple with a golden heart, Yvon Robert and Poonima Setty from Bangalore, who introduced the boy to Scuba Diving as a career. Taking their advice and very little money, the boy went to Goa and did his first recreational scuba dive and fell in love with it. Even though he had no money, he had the willingness to do anything to learn and make this a career. He did all kinds of jobs and started learning the basics of recreational scuba diving and everything in it.

He finished his basic certifications but due to his economic condition he could not move up the ladder. Fate took mercy from him and he met a very senior SSI professional Yannis Zoudius from Greece who came to India. He was impressed by the work this boy did and decided to train him and certify him at his own cost. This boy became a Dive Master after three years of hardship.

The boy met with an accident one day injuring his ear drum severely. Again thanks to the great Lord he got the best treatment and surgery from Dr Mathew, who told him he can dive after he heals.

Yannis again came into the picture and called this boy to work in a dive centre in Andaman after the boy was fit again. The boy went to Andamans and started working there. Again he had to face several hardships there, but he persisted and again with the financial and moral support of Yannis he became a SSI Instructor in 2014.

Yannis went back to Greece and this boy stayed there earning a name for himself for his professionalism, sincerity and adherence to safety standards. He enjoyed talking to people, removing their fear for water and made quality certified scuba divers. This is how he met his better half too! Well, yes its Zindagi na Milegi Dobara kinda story (we will tell you when we meet face to face).

In May 2017, he came to mainland to spend the offseason with his wife in Vijayawada. He heard about Vizag and shifted here and explored Scuba Diving in the region. He fell in love with the city of destiny. On being encouraged by many people who have met him and dived with him, he along with his wife decided to start their own venture.

With empty pockets, zero savings but with lots of passion and skill, the boy set out to start his own venture in recreational Scuba Diving called the Platypus Escapes Private Limited from Rushikonda, Vizag.

This is not a fairy-tale, this is the real story of the founder of this company Subhash Chandran, a veteran SSI Instructor.

This is the story of how Platypus Escapes took birth.

The story does not end there.


We are a part of many more stories of many more people who experience the magic of underwater world with us! There are stories of people who conquered their fear of water after they dived with us, there are stories of people who experienced their very first dive and then there are those who did their first certification and dived deeper into the unseen world of ocean.

Endless stories are created when you get exposed to the beautiful and therapeutic underwater world. We take pride in being a part of those beautiful stories.

Do come, dive with us and create your own underwater stories!