Know the Platypus and the inspiration for naming our company after this unique mammal

Let us know more about our logo!

The logo contains the platypus as our company name is based on this interesting creature. 

Let us tell you more about it as very few people really know it well.
Eighteenth century Europeans thought it was a hoax when they first saw the drawings of this peculiar creature called Platypus. 

The platypus is beaver tailed, otter-footed and duck-billed mammal. 

It seemed to them that is was a fake till they saw the real one. 

Another unique feature is that it’s the only egg laying mammal. 

Most of the mammals give birth to young ones. 

The platypus loves to be in water and is a good diver and swimmer. 

Being a mammal it spends time on land too. 

And almost tries to get ready to fly but it chooses not to (just kidding)! 

This unique creature combines the traits of birds, reptiles and mammals. 

So we found out that this creature represents what our company wants to do.


We aim to provide the experiences of water, land and sky for its customers and create memorable experiences for water lovers and travelers. 

We will call them Aquasouls, as water is our core but we don’t leave out the land and the sky! 

We are taking our baby steps with this aim and for now scuba diving courses and swimming camps are being offered for everyone including people with disabilities. 

We are working towards including more experiences and will keep you all posted. 

Do get in touch for more details.

Thank you for your endless support as always! 

Love you Aquasouls!

Team Platypus